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Thanks for choosing MindPro Deliver as your delivery management solution! Before you start, please pay attention to the following instructions! We wish you a great experience!


  Jira Cloud and Mindpro Deliver require cookies to manage user information for worklogs. Before you start, make sure your web browser is allowing cookies. 


You can install MindPro Deliver directly from Jira by using the Universal Plugin Manager.

To install MindPro Deliver, you have to follow these steps (you need Jira Admin permissions):

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Click on the gear icon at top-right and select Apps.
  3. On the left sidebar, click on Find new Apps.
  4. Search for MindPro Deliver with the Search for Apps field.
  5. Select the MindPro Deliver banner to open the Apps page
  6. In the 'MindPro Deliver" page, click Try it Free and follow the instructions to enable the app in your Cloud instance.

Making MindPro Deliver your Time Tracking Provider of Choice

As soon as the installation is finished, and In order to enable the worklog widget on the issue screen, you need to select MindPro Deliver as your time tracking provider. You can do it by following these steps:


You need Jira Administrator permission in order to perform this task.

1 - On the Jira Cloud main menu, select Cog Icon from the top menu and then select Issues.

2 - Under Issue Features, select Time tracking.

3 - On the Time tracking provider drop-down menu, select MindPro Deliver Time Tracking:


 Now you are ready to start using MindPro Deliver!

Accessing MindPro Deliver

After you have installed and configured MindPro Deliver as your time tracking system, you can access it by selecting the option from the "Apps" top menu:

By the first time you access, the system will open the App Tour. This will presenting you present a link to a welcome video with the app's main features and capabilities. If you want to start using the app, just click on "Start now":


You can access the App Tour whenever you want, just access the "Help" icon from the left menu

As soon as you access the app, it will bring you to the initial screen, and will present the steps to create your first delivery plan:

Next Step


Create the resources to manage your delivery plans accessing this link