Contract Views

What is a View?

ContractsPro is an app that is not tied to Jira's project structure. This means you can create contracts and log time in issues under any project since the issue is properly configured with the related Contract/Account. But when you work in a company where many teams or areas need to manage contracts, you also need to make sure some contracts should be restricted to a particular team/area. Contract Views allows users to create this separation to make this process simpler.

A view is basically a set of contracts that certain users are allowed to access and work on them. In essence, you:

  1. Create a view and define what user groups have access to it;
  2. Link a View to a Contract during the contract creation/edition;
  3. Access the contract screen where only the views you created (or which you are allowed to see) will be displayed.

Creating a View

In order to create a Contract View, go to the left menu and click on the "Contracts" option, then select the "Views" link. The list of existing views is displayed.

You can also filter only the issues you have created by selecting the "Only my Views" checkbox

Click on the button to create a new view. The following screen appears:

  • Name: This is the view's name. Use a name that is meaningful for your current process.

  • Add View Group: Defines what Jira groups will be able to see the contracts inside that view. Type the Jira group name and click on the  icon to add them to the list.

Click on to add the view to the list. 

Assigning a View to a Contract

There are two ways to perform this action:

  1. When you create a new Contract;
  2. When you edit an existing DRAFT Contract.

In both cases, you just need to go to the "View" dropdown (as shown below) and select the view in which you want to add that particular contract. When you save this information, only the users that are part of the groups you defined during the View creation will be able to see this Contract from the contracts list.

Viewing Contracts

When you go to the Contracts screen, the following contracts will be displayed:

  • All Contracts that are part of all views you created or that you are allowed to see
  • All Contracts that do not have any view assigned to them.

Both items above are automatic, do not require any action to be displayed: 

In case you created or are allowed to see more than one View, you can choose what set of Contracts you want to be displayed by using the "View" filter on the top of the screen: