IMPORTANT The Resources Module contains the main assets/enrollments users can create to use in the app.  This is the first step before start creating your contracts and manage your services. Please, make sure you have at least one of each resource created before creating your contract.

The resources are the main assets necessary to create contracts and manage services. ContractsPro has different enrollments to help you with this. Without the need for any other app, you have the ability to create (in this order)

  • Customers: These are the customers you are working for. They will be used to create contracts and will be also linked to your accounts, so you can specify different services you provide them with. They are also notified in case of any contract limit is reached. See Smart Notifications for more details.
  • Accounts: Work as cost-centers for your services. They are linked to your customers and are used in the contracts to classify the services by type and to separate the total amount of work into different parts (slices).
  • Teams: Here is where you add the people that will execute the planned work. Inside the contract and account, you can assign the work to different teams and control the worklogs in detail as well.

Featured Resources:

Next Step

After you have all the necessary resources above already created, start configuring your contracts here