Timesheets Report

Timesheets Report

The Timesheets report allows team leaders to monitor the team's timesheets and gives an overview of their statuses. It is also possible to identify timesheets not submitted or periods where users have missing hours.

The report will show timesheets per period, detailing all users and their timesheets under that period, with logged hours, timesheet status, and the respective approved assigned to that timesheet.

When a timesheet is OPEN, it means it was not yet submitted for approval, so the related "Approver" column will be displayed as blank.

The Timesheets report can also be exported to .PDF to be shared with other people inside the company.


Start/End Date: This allows you to select the period where you want to check the timesheets

NOTE Timesheets are submitted/approved on a weekly basis. The report will show any timesheet which is included in the related dates range.

Teams: displays all teams available for selection. If none is selected, all members from all teams will be displayed.

IMPORTANT Only the teams in which the current user is the leader will be available for selection. 

Users: If a team is selected on the previous dropdown, the system will display the respective team members for selection. In case none is selected, all team members will be displayed.

Status: Allows displaying timesheets per status. Options are:

  • ALL
  • OPEN