The Holidays calendar stores special dates along the year (regional or national holidays) where people normally do not work. However, there are some teams that may need to work on these dates (i.e.: support teams) and, in some countries, the regulations establish different rates for when people work on holidays. As seen on the Work Rates screen, the system allows to inform holidays rates and uses this calendar to know exactly on what days this rate should be applied. 

NOTE Although weekends are automatically mapped by the system to calculate costs, holidays may vary according to the location, so the default calendar is not previously loaded.

Adding Holidays

From the Left menu, click on the "Settings" option, then select the "Holidays" link:

The following screen will be displayed. From the top left, select year and month you want to add a holiday for:

Click on the desired date to add a new holiday. The following window appears:

You can use the same window to edit or delete holidays as per your need.

Type the holiday name and click on "Save". The system will show the new holiday on the calendar:

With this set up, whenever the system finds a worklog entered in a holiday marked in this calendar, it will use the "holidays rate" from the Work Rates screen to calculate the costs for that hours.