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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions from our clients and evaluators. 

PlatformIs the app also available in on-premise platforms (Server or Datacenter)?The app is only available in Cloud (SaaS) version. There is no plans to add an on-premise version since Atlassian's current approach is directed to Cloud.
Jira SoftwareIs the app linked to Jira Projects?Mindpro Deliver works independently of Jira's Projects hierarchy. This means the app data is not tied to any Jira project so every delivery plan created can be linked to any issue from that Jira Instance.

If delivery plans are not tied to projects, how can I create delivery plans for different areas or teams so one area/team cannot see the plans from another?

The app allows users to create views. A view is basically a set of delivery plans that certain users are allowed to access and work on them. In essence, you:
  1. Create a view and define what user groups have access to it;
  2. Link a View to a delivery plan during the plan creation/edition;
  3. Access the plan screen where only the plans under the views you created (or which you are allowed to see) will be displayed.
Jira Service ManagementIs the app compatible with Jira Service Management?Yes, if you have JSM you can use the app and log time using the same worklog feature to inform delivery plans and accounts in your tickets. However, the app does not use the same JSM customers, as explained below.
Does the app use JSM customers to create delivery plans?

Although the app runs normally over JSM, it has its own customers feature. There are some reasons for that:

  • Jira Software does not provide a "customers" feature, only JSM does. The app gives more flexibility for users who have only Jira Software. 
  • JSM customers feature does not allow user to add additional information to manage customers. Since MindPro Deliver has its own customers, it's easier for us to add any information that help users on this activity.
  • JSM customers are project-specific. Since MindPro Deliver does not depend on Jira's project structure, you have visibility of all customers in your database.
App InstallationI have just installed MindPro Deliver, but, when I try to access it for the first time, the app does not load inside Jira. What happened?

If you have installed the app successfully and it is not loading, check if your browser allows cookies. Both Jira Cloud and MindPro Deliver require cookies to manage user information such as access, open sessions and worklogs.If necessary, change the browser settings to allow cookies, refresh the screen and try again.

Delivery PlansWhat is an account?An Account is like a cost center, and it is linked to a Customer. It is used in the Delivery Plans to classify the services or activities by type and to distribute the total amount of work among teams.
How many accounts can be added to a delivery plan?You can add up to 6 accounts per delivery plan and at least one should be a billable account. Each account can have its work distributed among up to 4 different teams. Check Create a Delivery Plan page for more information.
Can I use the same account in two different delivery plans?No, each account can be tied to a single delivery plan only. For data integrity reasons, our system allows an account to be used only once in each plan. For other agreements with the same customer, another account has to be created.

Does the app integrate with Tempo Timesheets?MindPro Deliver does not integrate with Tempo Timesheets yet. The app has its own timesheet management where you can submit and approve/reject your timesheets, so no other timesheet app is needed. If you already use Tempo, you can see our work logs there, but we do not recommend using both tools for worklog management since we store information on the work logs (account, plan, team) that Tempo does not do. Also, MindPro Deliver has the ability to add individual worklogs without the need of informing plan, account or team. So even you have people not using the app but using Jira, they still can log work normally, so you do not need another tool for that.
I already have Tempo Timesheets. Can I keep using both apps?
When you choose Mindpro Deliver as your time tracking provider, this enables the delivery plan, account, and team to be informed when you create issues and enter your work logs. This is what makes the system consume the hours from the plans. If Tempo is selected, you do not have this ability. So, if you want to have this control, you need to switch from Tempo to MindPro Deliver. If you do not want to control that, the app also allows to enter individual worklogs without the need fo informing plan, account and team. You can still use Tempo for reporting purposes (we just do not recommend keeping both apps for managing work logs, as mentioned before). 
If I switch to MindPro Deliver, how this impacts my current data in Tempo Timesheets?

Already existent records on Tempo will be kept since our app does not impact other apps. But there are a few items to consider:

    • MindPro Deliver stores worklogs on its own DB since it may contain data other apps do not provide (delivery plan, account, team)
    • MindPro Deliver also stores a copy of these records in Jira DB (but without plan, account, and teams) so other apps can see it.
    • MindPro Deliver only sees its own worklogs because of these specific fields. It means hours logged in Tempo cannot be seen in MindPro Deliver.
    • Tempo can see the data MindPro Deliver stores in Jira, but only the hours. It means you can still see hours logged in MindPro Deliver in Tempo reports. However, these are Jira worklogs. If you change a worklogs made in MindPro Deliver via Tempo, you are changing the Jira copy, not MindPro Deliver's. This is why we do not recommend keeping both apps for maintaining worklogs. 
EazyBICan I use EazyBI to get data from MindPro Deliver?Right now it is not possible to retrieve data from MindPro Deliver using EazyBI. We are considering this for future versions, but we do not have an ETA for that. 
Can I use my EazyBI's existing reports to see old (from Tempo) and new (from MindPro Deliver) worklogs?

Even you are not using Tempo anymore, EazyBI should be able to see the worklogs (hours only) stored in Jira since MindPro Deliver creates a copy of that. Delivery plan, account, and team informed on the MindPro Deliver's database are not available yet to be consumed by EazyBI, as mentioned before.

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