Trust Center

What is the MindPro Trust Center?

The security of our apps and the data privacy of our customers are of utmost importance to us at MindPro. In this space we provide an overview of our Security, Reliability and Privacy standards to help you and your team to get peace of mind knowing that when using our solutions you are in good hands.

MindPro - Security

All MindPro apps, are regulated by the Atlassian ecosystem, part of security programs, and recommended best practices and guidelines. Our security work is underpinned by Atlassian's security core requirements and standards, see below what are the programs we are currently enrolled and committed to.

MindPro - Reliability

On this page we want to provide full-transparency overview on how reliable are our apps and this is why we are always working to reduce latency, maintain reliability and scale with your organizations needs.

MindPro - Privacy

At MindPro we take your privacy seriously and will only use our personal information to provide updates on our apps features, support, pricing and or any other relevant changes. See below our policies.

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