Server: Teams

This section describes the minimum configurations that need to be applied to Tempo Teams in order to have them properly used by ContractsPro. In case you need advanced information regarding Tempo teams, click here.


NOTE The "Teams" feature  requires Tempo app to be previously installed. Once you have installed Tempo, ContractsPro will bring this data to the Contracts creation. 

Future releases of ContractsPro will have option to create its own Teams or to Integrate with Tempo.

Make sure you have the right permissions to access this screen. If not, you need to reach out your Jira/Tempo admin and ask for the access.

Creating an Account

From the Jira's top menu, go to the "Tempo" link and click on the "Teams" option from the menu:

When the screen is displayed, you will be able to see all teams previously created (if they exist), as below:

Click on the link to create a new team. The screen below will be displayed. Fill the fields accordingly:

  • Name (mandatory): Team's name. You can choose the name you want. We suggest you to select a name that is aligned with your real teams or Jira groups you are familiar with.

  • Lead (optional): The person that is responsible for that particular team. Select an existing Jira user.

  • Program (optional): Program that this particular team is engaged. Not used by ContractsPro.

  • Summary (optional). A brief description of the team such as purpose, goals, etc.

Click on "Create" to save the changes.

After creating the team, you should be able to see it listed on the screen, as below:

Adding Members to a Team

In order to better set the accounts distribution in the contracts, it is important to have teams mapped. For every worklog you enter in Jira for a certain issue/account, this information will be also tied to the team that person is part of. This will help to understand how much % of the work for a contract is being performed by certain teams or how many non-billable hours they are spending, for example. To get this information accurate, you have to add individuals to the related teams, so when you log the time in Jira for the person that belongs to that team, the system will understand the team's participating in the total processed for that contract.

To add members to the team from the Teams screen, click on the desired team name. The screen below will be displayed: 

You can add new team members from 2 different ways:

1 - Click on the "+ Add Member" link from the "People" section on the bottom left of the screen. The following screen will be displayed. Fill the fields accordingly: 

  • User (mandatory): select the user to add to the team. It has to be an exiting Jira user.
  • Role (mandatory): select the role for that user from the dropdown. You can add new roles on the Tempo Administration screen, if you have the related permissions.
  • Commitment (mandatory): This is the % of allocation the user will have for that particular team. The default is 100% but you can change to match the real allocation for the user. ContractsPro does not use this information right now but it will be useful for the future "Allocations" module.
  • Joining (optional): the date the member joined/will join the team. Not used by ContractsPro right now.
  • Leaving (optional): the date the member left/will leave the team. Not used by ContractsPro right now.

Click "Save" to proceed.

2 - Click on the "+ Add Jira Groups" link from the "People" section on the bottom left of the screen. The following screen will be displayed. Fill the fields accordingly: 

  • Select Jira user groups: inform the Jira groups to add members to the team. You can select one or more groups. Click "Next" and the following screen will be displayed, showing the selected groups and how many user each group has inside.

Click "Confirm" to proceed.

You can add both a Jira Group and a Member to the same team, or vice-versa. Tempo will notify you in case you already have the person on that team. For example, you added the group jira-users first to the Team and also the user ABC. If the user ABC is also part of the jira-users group previously added, the system will not allow you to include that user again and you will see the message bellow:

In case you need, you can remove groups or members easily from the teams on this same screen by clicking on the "x" on the related user/group name and confirming the action: