Server: Accounts

This section describes the minimum configurations that need to be applied to Tempo Accounts in order to have them properly used by ContractsPro. In case you need advanced information regarding Tempo Accounts, click here.


NOTE The "Accounts" feature  requires Tempo app to be previously installed. Once you have installed Tempo, ContractsPro will bring this data to the Contracts creation. 

Future releases of ContractsPro will have option to create its own Accounts or to Integrate with Tempo.

Make sure you have the right permissions to access this screen. If not, you need to reach out your Jira/Tempo admin and ask for the access.

Creating an Account

From the Jira's top menu, go to the "Tempo" link and click on the "Accounts" option from the menu:

When the screen is displayed, you will be able to see all accounts previously created (if they exist), as below:

Click on the link to create a new account. The screen below will be displayed. Fill the fields accordingly:

  • Name (mandatory): Account's name. You can choose the name you want. We suggest you to select a name that is aligned with your contract process standards in place.

  • Key (mandatory): the short key used to identify the account. It is suggested by Tempo using your description as basis. You can change it if you prefer.

  • Lead (mandatory): The person that is responsible for that particular account. Select an existing Jira user who has at least view access to Tempo Accounts.

  • Category (optional): Used to classify the accounts, in case you need to specify different functions for them.

  • Customer (optional): The organization from where this account belongs. You can tie the account to an existing customer or leave it blank. When creating a contract the system will suggest accounts for that customer or the ones witch are not tied to any customer.

  • Contact (optional): A contact person from the customer side who can be contacted in case it is needed. This person can be a Jira user or an external name.

  • Projects (optional). Jira projects that can see this account. It can be tied to specific Jira project (s) or marked as global (see the "Making Accounts Global" section), so all projects will see this account.

IMPORTANT Although the "Projects" field is optional, we strongly recommend you to tie the accounts to projects or at least make them global. Otherwise they may not appear in some selections, such as the reports.

Click on "Create" to save the changes.

After creating the account, you should be able to see it listed on the screen, as below:

Making Accounts Global

As previously mentioned, we strongly recommend that each account created should be tied to an existing Jira Project or visible to all projects. If you did not select any project for the related account during the account creation, you can make the account global so you will be able to work with that account whatever is the Jira project currently selected. 

From the Accounts screen, click on the desired account name. The screen below will be displayed: 

From the "Link to Projects" section, check the "Make this account global..." checkbox.

A message will be displayed informing all projects will be able to see this account. click "Confirm" to proceed. 

After the confirmation, you should see the account changed to "Global" on the list: