Server: Administration


This section describes how to limit access to the app using Jira user management features.

How to Grant Access

ContractsPro has a simple way to give access to users. You can limit the access using Jira groups, as follows:

  • By default, all users have global access to ContractsPro. 
  • When permissions are set, only jira-administrators and contractspro-users groups will have access to the app.
  • The condition to limit access to the app is to create a Jira group called contractspro-users. This task is not automatic and has to be performed by the Jira administrator.
  • When this group is created, all users inside this group will have access to the app.
    • The same is applied for users inside the jira-administrators group, but only after contractspro-users group is created.
  • Once contractspro-users group is created, other users outside this group and outside jira-administrators group will not have access to the app anymore.

NOTE Future versions of ContractsPro will offer additional possibilities for users to control or limit  access to the app's features. Stay tuned!


IMPORTANT ContractsPro requires Tempo Accounts, Teams and Customers to work properly. It means you can only use ContractsPro if you already have a Tempo App (i.e.: Tempo Timesheets) previously installed, for example. We are working to have our own respective data in future releases.


Please, pay attention to the following information related to Jira and Tempo data that are manipulated outside ContractsPro:

  • ContractsPro depends on the information contained on Tempo Accounts, Teams and Customers but does not control the access to them. It is recommendable to be careful when editing or deleting these data inside Tempo apps, because it may impact the information added to ContractsPro.
  • The same is valid for Jira issues and worklogs. ContractsPro does not control any actions users do when adding, editing or removing issues or worklogs in Jira.
  • We recommend you to use Jira and Tempo administration features to control what users can or cannot do with the mentioned data above. Any changes on these data may affect directly the results you can obtain using ContractsPro and its reports.
  • Future versions of ContractsPro may offer ways to help users with alerts and validations for some of the mentioned situations above.