Delivery Plan Management

The Delivery Plans are the core of MindPro Deliver. They are the place where you can:

  • Plan and classify your services or activities for internal areas or external customers;
  • Plan billable and non-billable services or activities;
  • Work with Time & Materials (hours) of fixed-price (values) billing model;
  • Define plan recurrence;
  • Distribute the work among different teams;
  • Add all information to manage the limits of the services provided;
  • Setup notifications;
  • Monitor the consumption of services and activities according to the  teams' worklogs;
  • Store historical changes for audit purposes.

Depending on the information added to a delivery plan, the system will present a specific behavior to handle the data. Plans are linked to customers and accounts. Accounts can be billable or non-billable and assigned to specific teams. Teams are linked to individuals and individuals are linked to worklogs. This is a precise way to measure all the information in an end-to-end approach. Users have the power of information on their hands!

Delivery Plan Features