Create a Contract

To add a contract, access the main screen and click on  

Contract Header

Fill the fields on the "Details" tab as per the service contract agreed. Some important points need to be considered:

  • View: The Contract View you want to assign to this contract. See more on Contract View
  • Start/End Dates: These fields delimit the contract duration. Even if the contract has a recurrence, these fields should be filled. Any worklogs or issues created outside of these limits will appear as a warning on the screen and reports.
  • Notifications Set: Defines the alerts you want to receive to control contract limits and deadlines. See more on Smart Notifications
  • Contracted hours: This field description will follow the "Type" field previously informed. When a contract has no recurrence, then the value entered will be assumed as the contract's total amount. If the contract is recurrent, then the amount informed will be repeated for every period bucket equally.

Accounts Section

In this section, the user establishes how the contract will be billed and how the progress will be tracked. This is defined by the accounts. Each contract can have up to 4 different accounts to track how the services are consumed.

Important fields to be considered:

  • Account key: Previously created on the Accounts screen and set as OPEN (TBD). The select list will display only accounts linked to the related customer or the ones that are available (not tied to any contract). Accounts marked as CLOSED or ARCHIVED (TBD) will not be displayed for selection.
  • Billing: Shows if that account is billable or non-billable. This is useful to separate values when calculating consumed hours or to track the costs of a contract. 

  • Contracted hours: part of the contracted total hours that will be split for that given account. 
  • Teams: Teams that are assigned to that particular account. This is used to separate the worklogs per team when calculating the consumption. You can add up to 4 teams (slices) per account row. Select the team from the related dropdown to assign the hours properly.

Click on and the contract will be created.