Delivery Report

The Delivery Report allows managers to understand how contracts are being consumed and how teams are spending the planned x actual hours/issues. It has the following options to select:

  • Organization: select the organization (customer) you want to see the contracts. You can select a single organization to generate the report. Only organizations with active, expired, or closed contracts will be displayed on the list.
  • Accounts: shows the list of accounts for all contracts for the organizations selected. 

Charts & Tables

Hours Consumption Pie Chart: shows the hours executed given the worklogs entered and also the remaining ones, based on the planned data entered on the contract creation. This chart enables users to understand the progress of the contracts and how much effort is needed to complete the related services. With this information, managers or team leaders can take actions to improve the team's productivity or to measure its success.


Top  Issues Table: shows the top issues involved on the select contract/account where the worklogs were entered. It displays also the number of hours logged on the issues. This list informs each issue and its total hours logged so the managers can easily click on the issue link to check its worklogs in case of any discrepancy is noticed. 

Billing Summary: shows the totals for billable and non-billable accounts and the progress of each one, based on the contracted x executed hours.