Contract Maintenance

Contracts Main Screen

When accessing the system, the main screen is displayed, as follows:

Contract List: Shows contracts in a bigger list where the users can see additional information such as accounts and service types. Also offers access to contract maintenance. Contracts will be displayed according to the views they belong to.

The progress % column takes into consideration the contract type to display the progress:

  • Time & Materials: the amount of executed hours
  • Fixed Price: the number of executed hours x work rates

If you click on the "$" symbol from the "Actions" column, you can access the list of Extra Revenues and Expenses for that particular contract.

At the top of the screen, the user can select the filters to help display the contracts to work. All the filters present multiple-choice options, except the start/end date fields, which work with a date range to filter the contracts. The filter keeps the selection for the next time the user access the app. Users can filter contracts by:

  • View
  • Customer
  • Contract Status 
  • Start Date
  • End Date