Creating a Team

From the left menu, click on "Resources", then select the "Teams" link:

If you are accessing this screen for the first time, the system will show you the following message:

Click on "Create Team" to add your first record.

In case you already have teams, you will be able to see all teams previously created, as below:

Use the action icons to edit/delete existing teams or the search box to quickly find teams on the list.

NOTE Teams already tied to existing delivery plans CAN NOT be deleted.

Click on the "Create Team" button to create a new team. The screen below will be displayed. Fill the fields accordingly:

  • Name (mandatory): Team's name. You can choose the name you want. We suggest you select a name that is aligned with your real teams.
  • Team Leader (optional): The person that is responsible for that particular team. Select an existing Jira user.

Adding Members to a Team

In order to better set the distribution of the accounts in the delivery plans, it is important to have teams mapped. So, when a person logs work in an issue that is tied to a delivery plan, this will help to understand how much % of the work for a delivery plan is being performed by certain teams or how many non-billable hours they are spending. It also allows to understand how much each individual represents in the total costs

To add members to the team, type the names on the "Add Team Member" dropdown. Then select the name you want and click on the icon. The person will be added to the member's list. You can add or remove people from the team at any time.

NOTE Please, make sure the users do not have previous worklogs entered before you remove them from the team. It may cause differences in the reports.

Click on "Create" to save the changes.