Log Work

Set up Contract and Account for the issues

At this time you should already have your contract created. If not, please, follow the instruction from Create a Contract.

Before you start logging time, you need to set up a Contract and an account for the issue you are planning to utilize. After creating the issue, you should edit it and select the "ContractsPro" option to display the widget on the screen, as shown below.:

The ContractsPro Widget will be displayed:

Inform the related Contract and Account for the issue by typing the names and select them with ENTER. Then you click SAVE to confirm:

Once you have defined the Contract and Account for your issue, you can start logging your time by clicking on the "Log Work" button. The worklog pop-up window will be displayed (all fields are mandatory):

  • Team: enter the team you are logging time for. This functionality is particularly important for that cases where a person is part of more than one team and has to separate the time entered for each of them. 

  • Description: a summary of the activity that is being performed.
  • Date: the date when the activity is being logged.
  • Worked Hours: the number of hours you are logging at that time.

Click on SAVE to confirm the worklog. Both Contract and Account fields will be disabled for changes. The system will display the hours entered for that issue and update the account progress bar, as below:

The system also shows a progress bar that allows users to check how is the progress of that particular account. It is calculated using the hours defined on the Contract for that particular account minus the logged hours entered by the team members. The progress bar can be displayed in 4 colors:

  • Light Blue: No hours were logged for that account in this issue.
  • Dark Blue: This indicates there are hours logged and the progress is less than 100%.
  • Green: This indicates the progress is 100%. It means all planned hours were consumed for that account.
  • Red: Progress exceeded 100%. It means that hours were logged after the planned hours are completely consumed.

If you want to hide the ContractsPro Widget, click on the "3-dots" icon from the issue screen and select "Hide ContractsPro", as follows: