NOTE In order to have the worklog widget available for selection, you have to previously set up MindPro Deliver as your time tracking provider. Please check the Get Started page for more information.

IMPORTANT  Jira Cloud and MindPro Deliver require cookies to manage user information for worklogs. Before you start, make sure that your web browser is allowing cookies and also that you are not opening the app in an incognito window. 

MindPro Deliver offers 2 different ways to log your work and track time:

  • Delivery plan worklogs (default): Used when you want to track your delivery plan consumption and progress. When you create a new issue and this option is selected, the system will request you to inform the delivery plan and account related to that issue or activity. When logging the work, the user should also inform the team he/she is entering time for. This will give you the accuracy of services and activities performed and also a better understanding on how teams are spending their time.

  • Individual worklogs: Used for people that do not use the app for managing delivery plans but use Jira to track time for other activities or projects. This option does not request to inform delivery plan, account or team during the issue creation or for logging time. This allows other people in the organization to use the app as a regular time tracking solution, not linked to its core functionalities.

IMPORTANT When you set MindPro Deliver as you time tracking provider in Jira, each issue created will only accept one time tracking format at once. For example, if an issue is created with "delivery plan" time tracking, as soon as you save the delivery plan and account, only this type of worklog will be available. The "individual worklogs" option will not be accessible anymore. The same is valid if you select the "individual worklogs" option. In this case, as soon as you enter the first worklog, the "delivery plan" option will not be available anymore. 

Worklog Features