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This section contains featured videos to help you on explore ContractsPro and its functionalities. Here you will learn how the tool works by watching meaningful examples. We created short videos that address the most common questions and go directly to the point you want to know.


How to create and activate a contract

This video shows how users can create and activate a contract in ContractsPro. You will understand how Tempo accounts are added to contracts and how you can specify service type, billing mode, contracted hours and assigned teams for each account. Activate your draft contracts, have your team logging hours in Jira and get the best from the Reports. Tracking the progress of your services and team's performance was never that easy!

Logging time and tracking the progress of services


This video shows how contracts can be used to group accounts, how to enter worklogs for related accounts and how to track the results on the Delivery Report. You can have an overview of contracted x executed services, the progress of the services across the time, the main issues involved and where the teams are spending their efforts.

Account Slices: how to distribute the work among teams

This video shows how the accounts inside a contract can have their work distributed among teams and how to show this information on the Delivery Report. With the account slices you can split the hours of an account to up to 4 different teams and track their work and performance in a simple and visual way! Change the way you report results.

Adding billable and non-billable accounts to contracts and track their progress


This video explains how to track both billable and non-billable accounts when creating a contract. Enter the hours for the issues containing the respective accounts and then use the Delivery Report to follow the progress of services and team's performance from billable or non-billable perspectives!

How to create Recurring Contracts and track monthly progress and consumption


In this video you can see how to add recurring contracts in Jira using ContractsPro.

If your company uses Jira and Tempo and deals with managed services, you probably feel the need to create or simulate contract recurrence to better track your services in a monthly basis, for example.

Manually tracking issues and worklogs every month to consolidate the amount of executed services to invoice your customer is not the best way to do it, right?

So what if you have a way to create a contract, setup a recurrence for it, define accounts and teams to execute the services and follow up the progress in a monthly using smart reports?

We designed ContractsPro after hearing many Jira users like us that were facing the same issues dealing with recurring contracts using Tempo accounts. We start grouping accounts but we noticed we had an opportunity do expand this functionality to really bring value to the process.